How we execute?

eConnectionSoft provides very flexible engagement model. Depending on the type of project, we propose different engagement strategies and methodologies.

Software Development Project Methodology

Software development is not limited to writing code and delivering the project. eConnectionSoft encompasses that real success of software development lies in understanding the requirement and business objectives precisely and recommending a cost effective solution with a fine blend of technology and solution. eConnectionSoft software development methodology stands distinctive through several years of its highly effective solution recommendation and technology proficiency. This methodology consists of the following stages: Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, Stabilize and Train.

Enterprise Business Solutions

Outsource maintenance and development of generic applications to save costs and to allow your staff to focus on more strategic business directions. The legacy applications can also be upgraded to suitable current technologies to gain more mileage. This area can help you create customized business applications Ė business process automation, exclusive reporting for the executive team, tracking and monitoring new initiatives, ROI and productivity. As businesses change, often existing systems do not satisfy the needs as per the business scenario. With eConnectionSoft proven expertise in technical areas such as .NET Framework, J2EE etc. you can take care of your customized needs and enjoy the benefit of better control and ability to make correct and efficient decisions.

UI Design & Usability Project Methodology

The Branding Team at eConnectionSoft is clearly focused on making usable designs. We create applications and websites to provide efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction to end users in completing their tasks in any given scenarios. Our constant endeavour is to create user-centric designs, primarily by working on user research, usability reviews, personae, scenarios, wireframes, and prototypes. We make use of the data-gathering methods such as UTs/RUTs, card sorting, and contextual inquiry to get close to the usersí mental models. Extensive branding and Rich Internet Application (RIA) services are also provided to the clients to enhance user experience. Our technical staff is engaged in making web pages viewable in different browsers and resolutions.

Infrastructure Migration Project Methodology

eConnectionSoft follows time tested migration methodology for successful delivery of projects. Migration projects typically involves four steps - Planning, Pre-Migration, Migration and Post-Migration. End User Communication, Training and Change Management are critical components of this methodology.

SOA & Web Services Implementation

For an organization to run effectively, the business processes should encompass multiple lines of business and communicate well with each other. Itís no secret that approaching IT through business processes results into better value creation for both the business as well as IT. And enabling creation of such processes and strategies through a common platform of Enterprise wide Service Orientation and Web Services Implementation is an added advantage. The protocols defined by IT through an SOA approach will ensure that policies, practices and frameworks will be uniform across lines of business. Service orientation will put the business in charge of driving the software and leave the technicalities to the technical teams. This will allow the business community to control the lines of business and through a portfolio of reusable services. Moreover, it will also ensure the agility of the IT to turnaround newer needs quickly. Inherent advantages of SOA such as loose coupling and reuse of logic through a service will ensure productivity gains for you. The services provided can be catalogued and consumed by various departments helping them be up to date quickly and avoiding the reinventing of the wheel.